Albright Callister & Associates understands buying, selling, leasing, or managing your commercial asset can be a complex process.  Our brokers and associates are experienced in the many aspects to the many different and evolving aspects of a commercial real estate transaction.  We are well versed in office, industrial, retail, medical, and land transactions, and are ready to provide customized services tailored to your specific needs.


We offer many services including, but not limited to:


  • Investment Acquisition
    Are you looking for a place to invest your money where it will work for you?  Our investment acquisition specialists will assist you in determining the best property for you to acquire to maximize the return on your investment.  We will assist you through locating, negotiating, securing financing, and closing your transaction smoothly.
  • Investment Disposition
    Are you ready to sell your current investment property?  We will assist in determining the best listing price, marketing campaign, buyer qualification, negotiating, and closing your transaction.
  • Landlord Representation
    Do you have an asset with vacancy, and would like to increase the return you are currently getting from your investment?  Our leasing specialists will analyze your asset's current situation, identify target tenant types, develop an effective leasing strategy, qualify potential tenants, and negotiate lease terms in your best interests.
  • Tenant Representation
    Do you own a business and need a commercial location to operate?  We will assist you in determining the amount of space you need for current and future needs, provide options within the determined requirements, negotiate your lease agreement, and recommend resources to assist with your move.
  • Property Management
    Do you own an asset, but do not want to deal with collecting rent, managing payables, overseeing maintenance and repairs, enforcing lease terms, and determining when to invest additional capital?  We will manage the day to day operations of your asset while keeping it well maintained and looking good so it will attract new tenants, and be a step above the competitive properties.
  • Land Services
    Do you need a vacant lot for storage, production, or to build on?  Allow us to assist you in determining the correct size, suitability for your intended use, and ensuring the land purchased or leased will not come with any surprises after your transaction is closed.
  • 1031 Tax Deferred Exchanges*
    Did you sell an investment property, and have been advised by your tax advisor to consider a 1031 tax deferred exchange?  We have completed many transactions and understand the stringent requirements involved with successfully completing a 1031 tax deferred exchange.  The sooner you get us involved, the easier it will be to keep your transaction within the necessary requirements to successfully complete your tax deferred exchange. 
  • Financing
    We can set up an individually tailored financing plan, including advice on various sources of funding and referrals to our trusted bank partners.
  • Paperwork
    We assume the detailed preparation and handling of paperwork, saving you time to focus on the essentials. Our in-depth knowledge of local zoning regulations, realty documentation and other details guarantees you the best deal.


* Albright Callister & Associates, LLC is not a law firm or CPA firm. It's brokers, salepeople, and associates cannot advise you on legal or tax matter and reccomends you consult your legal and tax advisors regarding all commercial real estate transactions.


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